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  • Abounding Hope Coaching

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    life transitions and changes
  • Abounding Hope Coaching

    Christian Life Coaching, Hope,
    Renewal, Focus, Life Design

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How I can help

  • Are you ready for change but need support or direction?

  • Does your life feel off track?

  • Is it time to start something new?

  • Are you going through a transition time or change in your life?

  • Do you look at your life and wonder "What if"

Areas of coaching

Christian Life Coaching

Group Coaching

Hope, Renewal & Focus

Life Design

Whether you are in a change that you are choosing and are excited to start, or if life circumstances have brought a change into your life, you can utilize life coaching as a tool to help you gain clarity and focus on the steps in your journey forward.

"The key to discovering

all you are meant to do and be

is to wake up to the Big Dream

God has given you

and set out on the journey to achieve it."

- Bruce Wilkinson, The Dream Giver